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May 31, 2016
How to Go Live and Use Facebook Live for Business or Personal Use
June 10, 2016
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What is Facebook Live? 10 Facebook Live Tips to Grow Your Business

10 Tips for Facebook Live videos

Article Summary:

  • What is Facebook Live?
  • Who can use it?
  • How can it be used effectively? (10 Tips)


First, before you can even begin to use Facebook Live, it is important to know exactly what Facebook Live is and what it does. Facebook Live is a live video streaming application that is built into both your personal Facebook account and also into your Facebook business account. With this capability, you are now able to broadcast live to your friends or fan base from wherever you may be. The first time you go live (on a personal account), all of your friends will be notified that you are currently streaming live to Facebook. You friends can see what exactly you’re doing in that moment, and even better, friends can interact with you by hitting “like,” commenting or by sharing your live video. Best of all? Facebook live is free. You record the video and share it instantly at no cost, unless you choose boost it of course.


Anyone can use Facebook Live, but more importantly, every business should be using this live streaming capability. Facebook Live is at the forefront of the Lead Generation movement. As a business owner, you can quickly create a live video right from your phone. Start by opening up the Facebook Manager app, tap on the status bar and select live video. You will then be live as a business right from your smartphone. There are not any barriers to producing a live video on Facebook. The Facebook Pages app is free and so is the live stream capability; the only cost you incur is just a few minutes of your time. Here are just a few industries that have effectively used Facebook Live:

  • Retail
  • Health & Fitness
  • Family Legal & Divorce
  • Construction (ig: fencing)
  • Political Advocacy
  • Real Estate
  • Finance & Mortgage
  • Automotive Repair & Equipment
  • And so many more….


It’s time to start using live video to promote your business, any business. It does not matter what industry your business is part of, Facebook Live can help you promote your business. Real estate, retail, family & law, health & fitness and medical are just a few industries that have made success in capturing new audiences through live video. Facebook live video is an excellent way to engage users across Facebook, but there are 10 steps to make your live video experience a success.

  1. Tell Friends & Fans Ahead of Time When You’re Going to Broadcast.
  • Your friends won’t know when to watch unless you tell them, and it will be too late for them to tune in they only find out in time to catch the last 30 seconds of your live video. To avoid this, tell your friends that you are going live two days in advance, a day in advance or even an hour in advance. The first step in having a successful video is making sure that people know about it and will tune in.


2.  Ask fans to subscribe, so they can receive notifications when you go live

  • One of the many goals a business in addition to getting a lot of views is gaining subscribers. Have friends and fans subscribe to you, so not only do they follow your business, but so you can notify them as soon as you go live. By receiving the notification, fans can instantly tune in. Having subscribers is also great insurance for people forgetting that you’re going live after having read your announcement post (see tip #1).

3. Write a Compelling Description Before You Go Live.

  • Your fans won’t know about your live video if they don’t read your posts ahead of time. Engage web users with a compelling description, hitting the key words while remaining concise. There are certain key words like: you, new, know and how, that will captivate your readers’ attention. Use these words and use them concisely, studies show that shorter length headlines perform better, to get a compelled audience.

Show Time:

4. Ensure That You Have a Strong Connection When Using a Mobile Device on a Wireless Network

  • Now that you have an audience, it’s important to keep that audience while you are live. One way this can be done is ensuring that you have a strong connection. A strong connection will keep your quality at a higher level. You won’t be breaking-up in your video images, and people will be able to hear your voice clearly. Keeping a strong connection, and therefore video quality, shows professionalism at a minimum.

5. Say “Hi” to Your Friends by Name & Respond to Their Comments While Live

  • Once your quality is under control, it’s important to retain your audience by interacting with them. Don’t be afraid to say “hello” to a friend or fan who hit “like” on your live video. If you are doing an information or instructional video, respond to comments or questions that people may leave on the video while you are live.

6. Use a Wifi Network When Possible

  • Using Wifi generally provides a stronger connection than using data, which in turn, produces a better video quality. Having access to data is not always reliable as well; there are occasionally dead zones in certain towns or it can even be easy to lose a strong connection if you are in a cement-walled building. Using data is especially risky if you are going to shoot a live video from a location you have never visited before or visit rarely. There is no guarantee that your cell service will work well in an unfamiliar area. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to shoot if you do not have access to Wifi, but make sure you have a strong connection and connect to Wifi once it becomes available.

7. Broadcast Longer-You Will Reach More People

  • Don’t be camera shy! Going live is a great way to reach out to your friends and fans, and you can reach out to more of them the longer you are live. You will have more people click on your video if you are live for 5 minutes rather than 30 seconds. If you are not live long enough, very few people will see your video and will miss out on the opportunity to engage with you virtually.

After Your First Live Video:

8. Be Creative & Go Live Often

  • Part of retaining an audience is to not go live once, but to go live often. Don’t hesitate to go live daily or more than once per day. Going live, again, is an opportunity for you to engage with your community and to answer the questions they may have for you. Equally important, be creative! Give your audience something to look forward to by being creative with your videos and not getting stuck into a routine. Provide something to your friends and fans that they are not expecting. Have guests come on to your live video, change your location, or start a short series around one theme that relates to you or your business.

9. Turn Off Your Phone/Turn On Call Forwarding When Your Live

  • Another very important best practice is to turn on call forwarding when your live. If you are shooting live and you receive a call that disrupts your video, you will lose professionalism and potentially, your audience. This is an important step in being success; however, it is a step that is often forgotten when shooting a live video.


10. Make Your Videos More Professional With Inexpensive Equipment Upgrades.

  • The last tip to creating a successful live video is making equipment upgrades. Your IPhone or Android smartphone microphone will not likely produce the quality audio you would like, especially if you are shooting a video outside or from a far distance relative to your phone. Additionally, purchasing tripods or stands can give you a more appropriate angle of the person in the video speaking or the product you are showing. Better microphones and stands can be purchased inexpensively at any local retail store, and the increased professionalism and viewership you get from the upgrade will be priceless.

Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
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