The Internet and Social Media is a Gateway Drug to One-on-One Relationships and Sales

The Internet and Social Media are Gateway Drugs to

One.On.One Relationships & Sales

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Learn to Leverage Social Media

“A compelling workshop that will empower sales and marketing professionals with the knowledge to transform social media into a lead generation machine.”

Knowledge – Capture relevant prospects and leads into the top of your sales funnel. Learn about sofware, services and techniques to manage those leads.
Do It Differently – 3 Critically Important Tools to Find New Relevant Business Leads on Facebook and Twitter
Save Money & Time – A proven social media conversation technique that will open doors and lead to Face-2-Face opportunities.
Make Money – Transcend the social media relationship into a physical real world relationship on a path to more sales.
Convenience – Ask us about our , we will stream your workshop live to your members or schedule a webinar.

WARNING: This workshop is NOT your ordinary discussion on what, when, where, why and how to post. If you have an appetite for sales and a willingness to listen and learn, you will walk away knowing of three social media lead generation tools that will substantially impact your bottom line.



You Will Learn Social Selling Techniques

  • Lifetime Value
  • Giving 51% of the Relationship
  • 49% of the Relationship = LEVERAGE
  • Never Hit a Home Run on the First Date

You Will Walk Away w/New Lead Generation POWER

  • Facebook Search
  • Facebook Ad Platform
  • Socedo Lead Generation
  • Other Twitter Lead Generation Services
October 11, 2017
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