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Facebook Live is a free video streaming service within Facebook that every person has access to at anytime. Both personal and business Facebook account types have access to Facebook Live. When you are live your  page "likers", friends and followers can see exactly what you are doing in that moment. Your friends and followers can also interact with you while you’re live by commenting, liking and sharing your video.

The interactions do not stop once you go off the air. Once you’re off the air, your video is saved as a permanent video asset on your personal or professional timeline and users can still interact with you. Facebook Live has been proven to be an extremely effective tool in digital marketing and has shown success in industries like: politics, real estate, retail, medicine, construction, health & fitness and so many more.


Facebook Paid Ads, also known as sponsored posts, are posts that stream to consumers newsfeeds. Facebook ads are 100% unique in comparison to any other type of media buying (i.e. TV, radio, Google, etc.). This is true in that the Facebook platform allows brands to layer multiple demographic, interest and behavior types on top of each other to create niche audiences of people to advertise. Examples of Facebook audiences and ads below;

  • Advertisement for Divorce Attorney: Publish to people in the relationship status "Separated"
  • Advertisement for Golf Course in Florida: Publish to people "Traveling" to Florida that LIKE Golf
  • Advertisement for Family Friendly Seafood Restaurant: Publish to local consumers who LIKE seafood are married and have children between the ages of 3 and 8.
  • Advertisement for Mortgage Professional: Publish ad to people who own their house and have lived their for 4-6 years (this is a great way to find people who have private mortgage insurance, PMI, and advertise for them to remortgage)

Get the picture? The audience building and targeting tools are absolutely unrivaled! The benefits of all these features are; 1) SAVE MONEY by only paying to advertise to relevant audiences, 2) SAVE TIME with the Facebook Ad platform, once you know what you are doing you can publish ads in minutes, 3) MAKE MONEY with the Facebook Ad platform by increasing your exposure among consumers with clear call-to-action to get them to visit your brick-and-mortar and/or online store.

Facebook ads typically include; 1) Headlines, 2) Description or Copy Writing, 3) Call to Action and 4) Media (Video, Images or Graphices). Facebook ads or sponsored posts are only served to audiences of consumers that you define using one-of-a-kind consumer targeting options. Facebook allows you to layer as many demographical, interests and behaviors on top of each to make sure you are targeting the perfect audience of consumer for you ads. These tools empower you to save a lot on advertising costs (time and money) because you are only presenting ads to people that you identify as having a need for your products and/or services.


The combination of Facebook ads and Facebook Live are extremely powerful for brand building, offers and promotions and as a platform to tell your story and share you expertise and knowledge in your industry. Facebook Ads and Facebook Live right now provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for businesses and organizations to capture 100% Share-of-Voice. In other words these powerful tools are highly effective and NEW and it is imperative to jump in early before you competition does. 3V employs unique strategies for all of our clients, there is no such thing as a "cookie cutter" approach to Facebook Live and/or Facebook Paid Ads. Contact us and we will immediately start by discussing and building a plan that makes sense for you!


Business, organizations, municipalities, political candidates and any group will receive immediate benefits;

  • Lower Video Production Costs - Live video equipment, hardware, software and apps can range in cost however a basic setup to broadcast in HD (1080p) can cost as little as a few hundred dollars.
  • Brand Building - The power of live streaming is that YOU control the story and indeed "storytelling" is one of the major objectives. If you have a story (which we all do) than you can now tell that story in a live stream while engaging directly with your audience as frequently as you want to!
  • Discoverability: SEO, Social Visibility - Live videos with carefully crafted titles and descriptions are POWERFUL ways to capture high ranking search engine listings and highly visible social media posting.
  • Customer Engagement and Loyalty - Live video (as opposed to "on-demand" or produced video) allows you REAL-TIME engagement with your audience. You may prompt your audience to ask questions, takes surveys or share their experience with your brand.

Those are just a few of the immediate benefits. The long term benefits include being positioned to leverage live video for upcoming changes to Social Media and broadcast television, what experts are calling "Social TV". The long term impact of Live Streaming Video and specifically Facebook Live are just now starting to be talked about in the press.


Facebook Live and live video streaming is most effective for "Storytelling". If you have a compelling story about your business, organization, city, Chamber of Commerce or any group, than you certainly have live video content worthy of publishing. Storytelling may include promotions, offers, discounts or sales however each of these should include a story. Some professionals that we have worked with that have successfully implemented Facebook Live;

  • Service Professionals: Insurance, Mortgage, etc. - Share your story of who you are, what you do and what makes you different and better than your competitors. By virtue of publishing live video, you are already one step ahead of your competition!
  • Retail - With careful consideration, Facebook Ads can help you reach niche audiences that are consistent with your customer profile (or profiles) to gain exposure and sales by promoting your brand and telling your story.
  • Restaurants - Once again, with careful consideration, Facebook has multiple campaign and ad types that work wonders including; offers (think coupons), clicks to website, post engagement, local business promotion and many more.
  • Attorneys - Share your knowledge and experience with an audience and combine live video with powerful Facebook Advertising and reach relevant niche audiences with a promotional message in MINUTES!
  • Cities & Municipalities - Live video is an EXTREMELY effective way to keep citizens informed of current events and news with absolute transparency. Live video is perfect for council meetings, school board meetings, interviews, high school athletic events and special events within the community.
  • Political Candidates - Live video is quite possibly the single most effective (and cost effective) communication vehicle to citizens and constituents. Live video allows for a platform to have scheduled broadcasts discussing talking points and other discussions that are important for voters. Facebook Live and Facebook Paid Ads are powerful tools to be able to reach niche audiences with specific messages (i.e. discussion on gun laws, local city ordinances, waste disposal, law enforcement or any topic of importance)
  • Chamber of Commerces & Business Associations - One of the missions and goals of a Chamber of Commerce is to keep members informed and involved. The truth is members are busy people. Engage with your members real time via Live Video, plus the live video becomes a permanent video and content asset that can be viewed anytime. This is a great way to broadcast a Chamber event and allow non-attending members to watch and participate as if they were actually there!


Valuable resources, instructions, tutorials and resources for anybody interested in Facebook Live and Live Streaming Video. From beginner to intermediate to advanced Live Video production and producers, there is something for everybody. Subscribe to our newsletter or download our free Facebook Live checklist and resources. 3V is a Detroit based company with a satellite office in Sarasota, Florida that provides Facebook Live and Live Streaming Video services, consulting and training throughout the entire US.

Facebook Live FAQ's

All you need is a modern smartphone and a Facebook account and there is nothing preventing you from going live RIGHT NOW! Truth be told, if you are going to use Facebook for business purposes, it is best to do some planning ahead of time. We have articles listed below to provide more information on getting started.
A modern smartphone with the most recent version of the Facebook App is the bare bones minimum and in many cases is quite sufficient. Equipment, hardware and software (app) upgrades will help produce a higher quality live video.
A live video becomes a permanent video asset after the live event is complete. The permanent video is usually available within a few seconds after the live video is complete! There are some technical details worthy of mentioning; 1) if your Facebook Live video is published from WiFi, your smartphone or tablet will give you an option to upload in 1080p (HD or High Def), this will take a little longer than a 720p video.
If at all possible, utilize WiFi and preferably a high quality and fast WiFi. The live video over WiFi can broadcast in 1080p (HD) while wireless (carrier) is currently limited to 720p. If you are in the field or will be walking around a store or space, test the connectivity at each point in the store or space. If you find a spot with weak connection, avoid that spot during the broadcast.
That is GREAT, this likely means you already value the power of video marketing and promotion. Live video and on-demand (or produced) video are two entirely differently animals. You can simply ask your existing video production professional about their live capabilities, if they are not familiar or comfortable with live streaming technology we (3V) would LOVE an opportunity to speak with them and provide valuable information and training for them to quickly learn and understand the technology.
This is a common question and quite frankly if you are already a business owner, brand manager, politician, sales person or any other type of professional you interact with customers, prospects and the public on a day to day basis. You already have the knowledge and experience to tell your story. Nobody knows your business like you, Live Video provides an opportunity to share that story. If you are still uncomfortable, there are plenty of professional speakers, actors and spokespeople that can help you out. You may even have an employee or co-worker that can and will do your live videos.
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