3V Print and Shipping Policy

3V Business Solutions will provide customer with proofs of their order.  Upon customer approval, the customer agrees that the proofs are correct in both color and content, including but not limited to spelling and wording.  3V Business Solutions is not responsible for errors on the proof once the customer has approved them and the order has been placed.  PLEASE REVIEW YOUR PROOFS CAREFULLY.


3V Business Solutions works with a third party vendor for all print orders.  If an error is made during the printing or cutting process, 3V will deal directly with the supplier to ensure the correct product is delivered to the customer as quickly as possible.  This includes problems with ink and color if the proofs were correct but there was an error in printing.


3V Business Solutions will provide customer with shipping options based on UPS quotes given by the 3rd party vendor.  3V Business Solutions cannot guarantee shipping time.  It is the responsibility of the customer to alert 3V Business Solutions if an order is not received when it is expected.  3V Business Solutions is not responsible for time delays due to UPS.


Turn Around Time in the plant is estimated unless the customer specifically chooses to pay for expedited plant turn around time.  3V Business Solutions is not responsible for time delays in the plant.  PLEASE NOTE:  Print production and shipping are counted in BUSINESS DAYS.  The cut-off time for an order to be placed with the print vendor for a day to count as the first business day is 10 am.  All customer proofs need to be received by 3V no later than 9:30 am on the day an order is to be placed.  3V MUST ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT BEFORE THE CUT-OFF TIME to guarantee the order is placed that day.  Please do not send an email and assume your order has been placed before cut-off time.  


There are certain products and specials that allow for later cut-off time.  3V will expressly tell customers when a 1pm cut-off (12:30pm client proof approval) will be accepted by the print vendor.


3V Business Solutions will do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction and will do everything within their control to aid their customers when dealing with 3rd party issues that are out of the control of 3V Business Solutions.


Print Payment Policy:  Print orders must be paid in full (and clear if paid by check or credit card) BEFORE ORDERS ARE PLACED.  This is true for all clients and all orders unless arrangements are made with 3V Business Solutions in advance