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One Simple Tip to Increase Facebook Reach & Engagement- Preferred Page Audiences

Preferred Page Audiences

Businesses and brands are always looking for a competitive edge, a way to “outsmart” Facebook and create more organic reach and engagement for their Facebook Business page. Truth be told, we are never going to outsmart Facebook at their own game. Facebook’s algorithm (EdgeRank) is mature, robust and clearly defines who, who, where and when consumers view your content.

Enter Facebook Preferred Page Audience! Preferred audiences is a business page configuration that allows businesses and brands to define their target audience. This feature will “organically boost” your content to your preferred audience, providing a competitive edge against competitors that are too lazy to take the time to take advantage of this powerful feature!

Please watch our brief Facebook Live video below and learn how to setup and configure your Facebook Preferred Page Audience.

How to Setup & Configure your Facebook Preferred Page Audience

Below are screencaptures of the simple steps that you can take to update your Preferred Page Audience in 5 minutes or less!

Step 1 – Open your Facebook Business Page and then click Setting.

increase reach and exposure, Facebook Preferred Page Audience #1


Step 2 – Select Preferred Page Audience


increase reach and exposure, Facebook Preferred Page Audience #2


Step 3 – Update your targeting criteria, click Save and you are done!


increase reach and exposure, Facebook Preferred Page Audience #2


Preferred Page Audiences – The Takeaway

Our guiding light at 3V Business Solutiosn is the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder!”  We are constantly on the lookout for ways to save time and money and be more productive. When we find these little nuggets, we love to write stories and share this knowledge. That is exactly why we published this story, in exchange for 5-10 minutes of your time to learn this valuable feature and 5 minutes of your time to implement these changes, there is an immediate and long term benefit that money can’t buy. We hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful, please do leave a comment below if you find this helpful.

Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy is an avid digital marketer with a deep-rooted passion for anything and everything involving technology. Michael has owned and operated 3V for nearly 8 years - AND - has now taken the knowledge and experience acquired over that period and has started an insurance and financial services brokerage (https://leavealegacynotdebt.com).


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