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June 13, 2016
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How to Use Live:Air Solo for HD Facebook Live Streaming and Overlays

Live:Air Solo for HD Quality Facebook Live Streaming and Overlays


What is it? How can I use it?

Live:Air is a free live streaming application that is only available for iPhone users. What makes this app unlike other live streaming apps is that it will not only stream your video is HD quality, but it also has tools such as: overlays, transitions, graphics and support for live streaming destinations. It’s the free piece of software that will take your live videos to the next level, a far more professional one. Live:Air is the live streaming application that allows you to now be more creative with your videos, and even better, it streams right to your personal Facebook account or your business Facebook account.

Click Here to Download from Apple iOS App Store

If you’re now wondering how you can use this app, start by downloading it for free from the App Store. It is recommended that you download both Live:Air Solo and Live:Air Remote. Live:Air Solo is the primary application that you will be using, but if you wanted to add more cameras to your live video, Live:Air Remote is a must. For the rest of the instructions, please refer to the slideshow above, it will contain step-by-step instructions to using this application and streaming its capabilities to Facebook.

Why would you use it?

There are several new apps that have been created to enhance live video, so why use this app over the other apps out there? First, Live:Air has the best price of $0.00. It produces professional quality video at no cost to you. You have nothing to lose when you install this app. Also, Live:Air will directly stream to a growing number of social media sites including Facebook, YouTube and Quickstart. Having options of where to stream will allow you to reach several and diverse audiences all across the Internet. Best of all, you should be using this app because there is no experience or skill required to use it. For those who want to advance their business through live video but have no knowledge of live video and how to use it are still able to learn through using Live:Air.

Benefits & Features of Live:Air

  • Color Filters: this feature allows you to add lens effects, save filters and control your color pallete. As a result, you can have a look that is unique and fits well to your business
  • Angle Options: Live:Air provides several angle options. On the Solo app, you have the ability to switch back and forth between the front-facing camera and the rear-facing camera. You can also use several of Teradek’s products (which can be purchased online) on a WiFi signal with your phone.
  • Create an Original Brand: With tools that allow you to add titles, images and lower-thirds, you can create your own branded live videos. You can also modify your video image’s opacity, scale and position, which gives you more options to become an original brand.
  • Destinations: As previously stated, there are a growing number of social media sites where you can stream live at anytime; however, if you are advanced with technology, you can have access to nearly any website out there if you use the Manual RTMP that is built into the application. Your options for streaming become essentially limitless.
  • Mobile: You can basically anywhere at anytime. Open the app and start streaming live. You can even record in 1080 HD stream using data on a 3G, 4G or a 4G LTE connection.
  • B-Roll Stream: You can upload your pre-recorded videos, edit them and apply them in the Live:Air app to provide the best transition of your live video into your pre-recorded video. It serves as a great tool for video introductions, adding depth to your videos and for telling stories.

Click Here to Download from Apple iOS App Store

Do you have any experience, hints, tips or special advice for people that are using Live:Air? We would love to hear what you have to say about this wonderful app, please leave a comment or share with friends and following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any social channel!

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Michael Lucy
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