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Facebook Live Contributors on a Facebook Business Page

Listen to this Podcast while you read, there is also a Facebook Live video attached at the end.

Are you looking for ways to leverage Facebook Live videos for your business or brand but are intimidated by technology? Perhaps you are camera shy or maybe do not have the time to learn  and master the live streaming video production process.

Facebook Live Contributors in metro Detroit and Michigan

Facebook released a little publicized feature in January 2017 that allows businesses, marketers and brand managers to add “Live Contributors” to a business page. Facebook started to assertively promote this feature in late April 2017.

Sample Live Contributor Videos from April Fools Day 2017

Our dear friend, Leland Best at Leland Best Live, was gracious enough to post be a Live Contributor on our Facebook Business Page. Watch as Leland shares his humor with our audience!

Not to be outdone, I got to return the favor as a live contributor on Leland’s Facebook Business Page!

What is a “Live Contributor”?

The “Live Contributor” role on your business page gives business page owners, managers and administrators the ability to easily add people to publish live video content on their page. This role ONLY has the privilege to publish live videos and nothing else, giving page owners peace of mind that their page, information and data is secure and safe!

Who is a “Live Contributor”?

A live contributor can be anyone you trust to publish live video content on your Facebook business page. They can be a reporter, a journalist, a professional speaker, an actor, a model or anyone that you trust to publish quality content and represent your brand with integrity.

What Kind of Content Should a Live Contributor Produce?

Live Streaming is about storytelling and engagement. Your live contributor should be fluent in the conversation about your story. Your story can be about your business, featured employees, customers, community and culture or just a simple promotion. The Live Contributor needs to be able to speak fluently, without the “ums and ahs” that plague those who are not as comfortable in front of the camera.

What kind of content should Facebook Live Contributors Produce?

We would recommend the Live Contributor physically publish from your venue or store. Because of the current limitation that Live Contributors can only publish on mobile devices, having the background and setting in your venue or location will dramatically add to the user and consumer experience.

Simple Tips for Live Contributors

If the Live Contributor is streaming from your venue or store, make sure the background is clean and tidy, no clutter. Lighting and sound is CRITICAL (by far the most important technical components of a successful live stream), make sure your contributor has their own lighting and suitable microphones to ensure lighting and sound is satisfactory OR you provide those components for them.

Select areas of your location with as little background or ambient noise as possible. This may require the contributor to shoot during off-peak hours. Some production may require that the contributor navigate through a store to inspect product aisles or different areas within a store, make sure the floor is clear of debris and your live contributor can focus on production and not dodging obstacles. In essence, make the environment free of potential hazards or other factors that may detract the professional from doing their job. The contributor may be walking around with a selfie stick, a gimbal (phone/camera stability), microphones or other gear and they need to focus 100% of their attention on production and not distractions.

How to Find Live Contributors?

This completely depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your live video strategy. If you are trying to promote, market and sell good and services, your best bet is a person with a sales background that is comfortable in front of the camera with a dynamic personality. If your objective is storytelling and brand building, you might be better off with an actor, someone with the ability to work with a script and familiar with body language and voice inflection.

Freelance reporters, journalists and radio personalities are GREAT candidates to help your business. These skill sets translate very well to public speaking and these professionals already have a experience with cameras, microphones and scripts. Radio personalities usually have experience promoting and plugging 3rd parties, we highly recommend those with radio experience.

How Facebook Live and 3V Can Help You?

Please check out our Facebook Live video below. We provide step-by-step instructions how to add a Live Contributor, how professionals can use this feature and a very simple alternative to Live Contributor that will allow you to pull off HIGH QUALITY production!

Are you looking for someone to help you with your Facebook Live video and streaming presence? Whether it’s training, consulting or producing video content for you, 3V has a team of experienced and professional people that produce high quality and engaging live streaming videos for you! We would love to talk to you about your media challenges, click the button below and let’s chat!

Live Stream with Us!
Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy is an avid digital marketer with a deep rooted passion for anything and everything involving technology. From programming to SEO to PPC to remarketing to programmatical advertising, Michael loves to keep current with technology, sharing knowledge and collaborating with other like minded digital marketers.


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