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Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Realtors & Mortgage Pros


Lead Generation Mastery

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Next Webinar – Thursday October 5th @ 7pm EST


The Problem: “Do you struggle to identify and execute powerful new lead generation strategies for your business?”


The Solution: Have you heard the term Chatbots? Facebook Messenger Chatbots are simple ways to engage with potential buyers and capture more LEADS! How can Chatbots help you capture leads?

  • Chatbots are FAST & ENGAGING!
  • Chatbots are EASY & USER FRIENDLY!
  • Chatbots capture leads IMMEDIATELY, no more waiting for optins!
  • Chatbots are FLEXIBLE, they work with organic (free) and paid social media ads!
  • Chatbots are SCALEABLE!

How to Start: Subscribe to our QUICK and FREE Webinar and Facebook Live Video, we will provide FREE training how to create, setup and publish a chatbot in 30 minutes! Subscribers will also receive a FREE Mortgage Calculator Chatbot installed, configured and published on their Facebook page.


IT’S INEXPENSIVE, IF YOU DO THE WORK IT’S FREE: Chatbots are inexpensive, roll up you sleeves and do the work yourself or hire a pro and get high quality chatbots FAST! There are many chatbot tools out there, after evaluating dozens of tools we have identified the EASIEST and most POWERFUL chatbot tool for you. In our webinar, we will share with you THE MOST POWERFUL chatbot builder on the market (hint, hint -> hurry while the product is STILL FREE)

  • FORCE MULTIPLIER to Facebook Ads
  • EASY to build New Bots
  • SIMPLE to add on to existing bots
  • LEADS sent directly to your FB inbox, email or CRM!

Other ways to use Chatbots:

SEARCH LISTINGS – You can integrate a chatbot to show listings, directly from MLS/IDX!
BUYER RESOURCES – Share information, pictures, videos, eBooks and anything else you can think of with potentaial buyers!
SELLER RESOURCES – Share information, pictures, videos, eBooks and anything else you can think of with potentaial sellers!
TRIVIA – Engage potential clients with engaging trivia!.
MUCH MORE – Chatbots can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can think of, you are only limited to your imagination!

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Micro Sales Funnels

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Sample Micro Sales Funnels


Facebook Image Sizes

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