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How to Add Captions, Titles and Subtitles to Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Videos and Facebook Live Videos

Uploading videos to Facebook has been around for years now. Live video streaming has been around for years as well. The introduction of Facebook Live and live video streaming, however, is a #GameChanger, repeat G-A-M-E-C-H-A-N-G-E-R! The reason is simple, Facebook is where the people are so no matter how times you hear, “Periscope is better” or “You Tube Live will beat Facebook in the long run” the world is quickly adapting and adopting Facebook Live as a medium for LIVE and REAL TIME interaction and engagement.

Example – Live Video with Captions


Video Tutorial – 6 Minutes Video, How to Add Captions to Facebook Live Videos

Video Captions – Editing Video vs. Editing Video Meta Data

Let’s agree on one thing, if you want a truly professional and high quality video there is no substitute for professional production and editing. This can, however, be painful and very time consuming and who what amateur video producer has time to mess with that? When it comes to powerful tools to directly edit uploaded and published videos, YouTube sets the bar here and there is no arguing they have the most robust tools, but it will still require time, knowledge and experience.

Adding Captions to Facebook Videos and Facebook Live Videos

Have you noticed Facebook Live videos with captions, titles and subtitles? Truth be told, right now there is no way to publish captions for a Facebook Live video HOWEVER, once the Facebook Live video is uploaded and published, then the fun begins.

Step 1: Open the Video in Full Theatre Mode

Step 1 to editing a Facebook Live Video


Step 2: Select “Edit this video”

Step 2 for creating Facebook Live video captions.


Step 3: Creating an *.srt (Subrip) File

Here is where you may encounter problems. I struggled the first time and even the second time I created an *.srt file. Don’t worry, once you master the creation of the file and the naming of the file, you can pump these out in NO time! What you need to do is open Notepad, I use Notepad++, and create a new file. Copy the text below directly into the file, mind you this is just an example.

00:00:00,000 --> 00:12:59,000
- Improve the Bottom Line, 5 Simple Things
- 8:30 Mark, Facebook 4 Leg Success Rule

Edit and update the file to have the captions and titles match what is going on at the different milestones during the video. Below is a description of what each line above represents.

Step 3 to adding captions and titles to Facebook Live videos.


Step 4: Naming the *.srt (Subrip) File

Here is where I encounter many challenges and I hope to solve this problem for you and save valuable time for you. The naming convention for the file you are creating in Notepad; name your file whatever you want, HOWEVER, make sure to add the extension .en_US.srt to the end of filename. Select All Files and make sure you use “ANSI” Encoding. You can click here to get naming conventions for other languages. Watch the video tutorial on top once again for more details.


Step 5: Upload the *.srt (Subrip) File

Okay, if you have made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS! Now we upload and save the file. This is the point in which you find out if you prepared and named the file properly. Follow the instructions in the image below (upload the file and save). If you did it correctly the video will immediately play with your captions embedded, if you did not do it correctly you will receive an error message and need to make changes to the *.srt file or filename. This is where I got stuck, I thought something was wrong with Facebook. If you do a Google search you will find people that say it does not work, IT DOES WORK, do not listen to them. The problem is likely with your filename, double check your filename and make sure it is as described in Step 4.


Confusing? Contact Us and We Will Build Your Caption File!

Trying the (fairly) new Facebook Page Messages plugin below. Leave a message in the Facebook Page Message box below and we will build your captions *.srt file for you and deliver it within 24 business hours! This is a very cool new feature that allows visitors to your website to directly message your business page on Facebook (I LOVE IT). Note:  You must be logged into Facebook in the same browser in order for this feature to work.


2019 UPDATE – Life Insurance & Annuity Industry

We are busy creating vide0s and transcripts for Affordable Final Expense, You can also see our latest videos, transcriptions for Final Expense Life Insurance.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope you found it helpful and saved valuable time. One reason I wrote this article is that when I added captions to one of my Facebook Live videos, I struggled. I struggled mostly with naming the file and I am a programmer by discipline. Have a GREAT day and if you found this article helpful, PLEASE do share or leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Blab – Discussing Facebook Live and Captions & Titles

Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy is an avid digital marketer with a deep-rooted passion for anything and everything involving technology. Michael has owned and operated 3V for nearly 8 years - AND - has now taken the knowledge and experience acquired over that period and has started an insurance and financial services brokerage (https://leavealegacynotdebt.com).


  1. Hey there! Great article! I’ve been seeing this and wanting to learn how to do this. Unfortunately, as I follow the directions, I don’t have an “Options” button like you when I’m in viewing the video in order to get to the edit area. What am I missing? (this is a Live video I did in my group last week, so now I’d like to add the captions).

    • Michael Lucy says:

      Hi Joy – I could have swore I responded to this … If you publish a video from your personal page or sharing from your personal page than captions are no longer enabled (not sure when they changed that). You can still add captions from a business page live video though.

    • Michael Lucy says:

      Hi Joy, they changed it recently … Use the “Edit Post” option now, if the post is a video then you can update the video, including captions.

  2. I don’t have the “Options” button on my business page either. Have they removed that option?

    • Michael Lucy says:

      Hi Sandra, they changed it recently … Use the “Edit Post” option now, if the post is a video then you can update the video, including captions.

      • Michael – you are awesome! Thanks so much for your follow up. I found that my very first post doesn’t give me the option to edit (the other 4 worked fine) – perhaps related to the fact I boosted the post. Do you know of any way around that?

        • Michael Lucy says:

          Hi Sandra – yes, a boosted post (or ad) will prevent you from being able to a post or video. I have had to cancel many an advertisements to get around this issue 🙂

          • Even though it shows up when opened with a caption, it isn’t visible on my page unless I add the caption before doing the live post. Checked your FB page and I don’t see captions for yours either (see attached – yours without and someone else’s with who did the caption before recording.) Or am I just nuts?!

          • Michael Lucy says:

            Not sure I entirely understand the question … Here are some recent observations; (1) Captions on personal profile live videos is no longer an option, only on Biz Page, (2) Captions are only visible when sound is turned off, (3) Captions do not appear to work when a video or live video is embedded on a website … I do not do captions on all my videos, a good portion of my videos are “Long Format” (i.e. => 15 minutes), I just do not have time to do captions on long format videos … I do, however, included captions on most/all my “Short Format” videos and for ALL my videos I publish as “Video View” ads … Hope this helps!

          • Thanks. You’re just a font of great information.

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