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Holiday Marketing Challenge Day 6: Get Involved with Charity

Small business get involved with charity during holiday shopping season

15 Days to Ramp It Up

#Small Biz Marketing Checklist for the Holidays

Take Your Business to the Next Level This Holiday Season

Today, and for the next nine days, we’re challenging you to take our Holiday Marketing Challenge. We’ll help you take your business to the next level this holiday season by giving you new ways to engage customers, promote products and services, and get in the holiday spirit!

Holiday Marketing Challenge Day Six: Get Involved with Charity

The holidays are a time of giving. Too often, businesses are associated with greed. More companies are forcing their employees to work on holidays, opening earlier, and gouging prices, all for the extra dollar. Aligning your business with a charity shows customers that you care about others. You are willing to sacrifice some of your profits in order to help your fellow human.

Holiday Charities

Toys for Tots is one of the most popular charities around Christmastime. Put up signs that tell customers you are collecting for toys. You might consider donating a percentage of every sale towards buying toys as well. Another great charity: the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is known nationwide for their iconic red kettles set up around the holidays and volunteers who ring bells to collect donations. You might want to have a volunteer stand outside your store.


Give and You Shall Receive

Aligning with Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, or whichever charity you choose will benefit you twofold: first, you will appear charitable in the eyes of the public. Second, you may acquire customers who might not have otherwise visited your business. For instance, someone might stop by to make a donation to Toys for Tots and decide to buy a present for someone.

Word of mouth is a great way to market your business and hosting a charity is certainly a way to do this. Customers will tell their friend and family about your store for hosting a charity, which will bring in more business.

Some notable charities and charitable efforts for the holidays

Pay It Forward Laptop Giveaway

PC Pickup in Taylor, MI has a unique and creative program going on right now which you can pay it forward a brand new laptop to someone that needs it! Click the picture below and submit the form to Pay-It-Forward Laptop Giveway

Mimi’s Mission & Wyandotte Soup Kitchen

Mimi’s Mission passion is helping those that face dire circumstances, beyond their control, that need to realize the love and compassion of their community around them to make a difference. Mimi’s Mission is DIFFERENT! We are not a non-profit. We are not a 501c3. We do not provide receipts. We do not make a profit. Mimi’s Mission is simply a community outreach mission to help our neighbors during their time of need.

Mimi’s Mission was founded by Lisa Vilella. Over the years, Lisa has organized fundraisers, offered donations and coordinated complete donation drives. Lisa has a passion and first and foremost, she is about the children. A mother of three (and many more through love alone) and a Mimi to her own grandchildren, Lisa is compelled to make wishes come true.

Christmas Charity Stories around the Internet

This past holiday season, we collected, wrapped and distributed Christmas gifts to children in need in our local community. Throughout the year, we volunteer at many nonprofit events and I actually pay [my employees] their wages while volunteering!
Crystal Brown-Tatum, crystalcommunicates.com

MWBC_164x91Maryland Women’s Business Center – 33 Creative Ideas for Small Business Holiday Marketing

The holidays are coming, and we all know what that means for retailers. But retailers aren’t the only ones who can get in on the holiday shopping game. Whether you own a store, restaurant, service provider or even a B2B company, smart marketing can boost your holiday sales, too. Here are 33 marketing ideas to get your holiday sales sizzling.

Small Business Charitable Giving Guide for the Holiday Season

Submit Your Favorite Charity

Are you involved in a charity or have a favorite charity that you wish to promote to 3V website visitors and our social media following? There is never a charge to promote a non-profit or charity!

Stay tuned for a new challenge tomorrow! Best of luck with your #HolidayMarketingChallenge. Send us photos of how you rise to the challenge!

Make This Holiday Season Your Businesses Best Holiday Season Ever – Marketing Tips

3V is publishing a series of valuable marketing tips for the holidays called the #HolidayMarketingChallenge, 15 valuable marketing blogs in 15 days! The last day for the holiday marketing challenge will be Friday, November 27th! After that day, 3V will package up all the articles into one easy to download and print holiday marketing tips cheat sheet.

Holiday Marketing Tips Cheat Sheet

Below is the list of published Holiday Marketing Challenge articles, please do take a minute to read, review and share some of our valuable marketing ideas!


Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
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