Get Published in Forbes, Fortune, HuffPost +++ WITH HARO
Get Published in Forbes, Fortune, HuffPost +++ WITH HARO
What is HARO? Haro for PR, Marketing and SEO


HARO stands for "Help a Reporter Out." HARO is a service provide Cision that connects journalist with sources. Journalists publish requests for subject matter experts and content to use as resources and citations in their articles. HARO is used by journalist for nearly ALL media outlets from Fortune to Forbest to Huffington Post to small individual blogs.
Why Use HARO? Haro for PR, Marketing and SEO


HARO is an effective and cost efficient tool for managing your Public Relations (PR), Marketing and SEO all in one. An effective media outreach and content program can save businesses THOUSANDS of dollars on expensive, unreliable and risky SEO services. With HARO you can source your internet marketing and SEO in-house - OR - outsource it for a fraction of the cost of traditional SEO servcies.


1Media Exposure
Would you like to be cited in Fortune or Forbes as an expert in your field? If so, HARO provides a platform and an environment to respond to journalists and reporters from thousands of media outlets - THIS IS PRICELESS!
2Public Relations
Once you respond to a HARO request, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with powerful and influential journalists, I like to say "You can add journalists to your rolodex." Journalists are ALWAYS looking for sources, and if/when you become trusted by a journalist, it's pure GOLD!
Without boring you to death with the tech details of SEO, HARO is a powerful compliment and in most cases a 100% replacement to existing expensive SEO services that you may outsource. SEO professionals are notorious for using "grey hat" or even "black hat" tactics, putting your business, reputation and website at risk. HARO is 100% "white hat", you have the opportunity to earn links, mentions, citations ORGANICALLY from trusted, credible and authoritative media outlets.
4Credibility & Positioning
Have you ever stumbled upon a website or received an email that states; "As seen on Fortune Magazine", or any other powerful media outlet? Being able to TRUTHFULLY stake and justify that claim is PRICELESS in terms of building credibility and trust with your audience, after all if your expertise is good enough for Forbes, Fortune, CNBC or even the Wall Street Journal it's certainly good enough for prospective customers and clients.


1HARO DIY Search Tool
You are welcome to use our HARO DIY search tool! After using HARO for the good part of a year, we identified issues with HARO emails and responses, most notably problems with MISSING OUT ON OPPORTUNITY and the TIME CONSUMED finding and responding to opportunities. Our HARO DIY search tool solves those problems, making it EASY to find opportunities and FAST to respond to journalists - AND - IT'S FREE! CLICK HERE TO TRY OUT OUR HARO SEARCH TOOL.
2HARO Training
Subscribe to our newsletter and/or register for one of our HARO training classes. Our blog and newsletter is PACKED with incredibly valuable information and training including how to effectively use HARO and how to maximize your chances of being published and cited.
3HARO & SEO Services
At 3V, we have provided SEO services for 8+ years. SEO is kind of an "necessary evil", we love-it and hate-it at the same time. SEO has evolved over the years, and is now more challenging and "strict" than ever before, one wrong move and you could jeopardize your whole business. The reality is that SEO is anchored around; 1) Good content and - MORE IMPORTANTLY - 2) quality LINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE. What better quality can you get than Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Wall Street Journal or Huffington Post? In the open market, an SEO professional may charge ~ $1,000-$2,500 for AN OPPORTUNITY to get a link from one of these sites. With HARO, you can take control of your SEO, it's easy and you will save time and money. No longer do you have to question your SEO team or wonder if you are getting the value and results you are paying for! With HARO, the results are SIMPLE to understand and easy to measure, understand and "see".
4PR Copy Writing Services
The foundation of your internet assets, your website, and your relationship is the content and copy writing that you publish. We can help you with all your copy writing, from evergreen content on your website, to blog posts, to responding to your HARO requests. Our copy writing services are professional, affordable and (most importantly) EFFECTIVE!