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June 8, 2016
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How to Go Live and Use Facebook Live for Business or Personal Use


Facebook Live is a free live video streaming application that is built into both your personal and business Facebook pages. Anyone on Facebook can access this tool, anywhere at anytime. By going live, your friends and fans can see exactly what you’re doing while you’re live. Once you go off air, the video is saved and is accessible to any of your friends and fans at a later time. Facebook Live has been proven has a very effective tool in digital marketing and is an application that has shown success in almost all industries including:

  • Political Campaigns
  • Medicine
  • Retail
  • Automotive manufacturing & repair
  • Home electronics & appliances
  • Construction (ig: fencing)
  • Family Legal & Divorce
  • Finance (Mortgages)
  • Real Estate
  • And so many more…..


  • One of the ways Facebook Live can be used is from a personal account, as you “Jane Doe.”
  • The first step to shooting your first live video is to locate the Facebook application on your IPhone or Android Device. If you do not have the Facebook App, it can be installed for free from the App Store (for IPhone users) or in the Google Play Store (for Android users).

Detroit Facebook Live Video Company- Facebook Logo, Step #1

  • Once you locate the app, tap the icon to open the Facebook app. Next click on the box stating “What’s on your mind?” It’s the same process (so far) that you would use to produce a Facebook status. See picture below.

Detroit Facebook Live Video Company- News Feed, Step #2

  • Once you click on that, you will presented with the following page below.

Detroit Facebook Live Video Company- Status Update Page, Step #3

  • Instead producing and typing out a status, look toward the bottom of your screen. You will be presented with several ways to interact with your friends, one of method of communication is labeled “Live Video.” In the photograph above, I have it circled in red. Tap “Live Video” to be taken to the next page. The page that you will be taken to next is below.

Detroit Facebook Live Company- Go Live, Final Step

  • Once you are here, hit “continue.” You will be taken to a page where you can write a brief description of your live video, so your friends know why you’re live and what you will be sharing with them. After the description has been written, the live video will countdown from 5 seconds so you have time to get in front of the camera. Once those 5 seconds are up, you will be live streaming to your Facebook friends, and you can begin interacting with them.


  • Going live as a business is very similar to going live as a person; however, the first few steps will be different. Start on your homescreen and located the Facebook Pages app, like the Facebook app, it can be installed for free onto your phone from any app store. The photo below shows what this app will look like on your home screen.

Detroit Facebook Live Video Company: Business Page Live Video, Step 1

  • Once you click the app, you will be directed to the screen depicted in the shot below. When you are on your business page, hit “Publish” (it’s circled in red in the photo). It’s again, the same method as producing a status from your business page, but instead you’re producing a live video.

Detroit Live Video Company- Business Profile, Publishing a Live Video

  • Once you hit publish, you will be taken to the next page below. In a red circle is a logo of a person surrounded by semi-circles. This logo represents the live video feature. Tap this feature to be taken to the live video screen. After this point, the process is the exact same as producing a live video from a personal page, but instead, you will be streaming live from your business page (refer to “posting as a person” for the rest of the images). Like the personal page, you will be able to add a description and will have a 5 second delay until your video starts. Then, you will be shooting video live and can interact with your fans.

Detroit Facebook Live Video Company- Professional Business Profile, Going Live


… HOW TO USE FACEBOOK LIVE AS A GROUP (Facebook Group Pages You’re a Member of):


  • When posting in a group, you can either post from your personal account or from your business account. Select the account you wish to choose (see instructions above on using the two different types of accounts). Once you are in the Facebook app, find the group you want to post in and visit their page like you would normally. In this example, I am posting in a group from a personal Facebook account.

Detroit Live Video Company- Facebook Group Posting, Motor City Connect

  • Once you have arrived the page, tap the “Write something…” button like you would to normally post in the group. Below is a screenshot of the next screen, on this screen, select the “Live video” option like you would for posting a status on your personal page. Once you tap “Live video,” you then hit continue (refer to images from posting as a person). After continue, the process is the same as before, you will have a few seconds to countdown, and then you will be live and interactive with your audience, in this case, the members of the group you posted in.

Detroit Facebook Live Video Company- Posting in Group, Motor City Connect


…. HOW TO USE FACEBOOK LIVE AS AN EVENT MEMBER (Event Page of an Event You’re Part of):

  • If you are interested in going live in an event, first select whether you will post as a business or if you will instead post from your personal account. Once you have selected your account, go to the event page you wish to go live in. The picture below provides an example of what your screen may look like.

Detroit Facebook Live Video Company- Event Posting

  • Once you have arrived to the page, you will post like you would if you are sharing a status. Click on the box (circled in red) and you will be taken to screen shown below.

Detroit Facebook Live Video Company- Event Live Video, Step #2

  • In like several of the other set ups, you will hit “live video” and then be taken to the page where the camera is active (but not recording). You will hit continue (the button is blue), then you can write an optional description. Finally, you will wait a few seconds for the countdown to occur and then you are streaming live to the event members, and you can now interact with them live.


Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy is an avid digital marketer with a deep-rooted passion for anything and everything involving technology. Michael has owned and operated 3V for nearly 8 years - AND - has now taken the knowledge and experience acquired over that period and has started an insurance and financial services brokerage (https://leavealegacynotdebt.com).

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