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Fundraising - Strategy & Tactics

Fundraising Strategic Services

Non-Profit and 501c Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising Strategic Services

With all due respect, some organizations simply have very little structure and control over their fundraising efforts. Sometimes it's as simple as having another set of eyes and ears to lend expertise to best structure and implement a fundraising strategy.

Simple things like automated communications (email, SMS, and voice/phone) with donors and supporters can easily be overlooked. Simple things like automating the personalizing those communications can have HUGE impact without consuming hours or days of writing emails and text messages. 3V specializes in custom sales, marketing, and donation workflow with on-point collaboration and automated messaging.

Another frequent challenge is how to best utilize Text Messaging (SMS, MMS, Etc) within an organization. Many organizations do not know where to start, assume it will eat up too much time, is not affordable, or are scared by compliance and regulatory challenges. Our technology principal Michael Lucy has years of experience automating SMS and MMS along with thorough knowledge of non-profit SMS/MMS compliance.

3V's strategic fundraising services provides the following checklist

  • Document business requirements
  • Document Technical Specifications
  • Document Functional Requirements
  • Identify and Plan System Integrations
  • Draft, Develop, and Document Workflow, Collaboration, and Messaging
  • Draft and Document User Instructions
  • ... Much More ...

Fundraising Tactical Services

Non-profit and 501c Fundraising Tactics

Fundraising Tactical Services

3V Fundraising Tactical Services is where our engineers and deployment technicians physically do the work to deploy the solution identified in your fundraising strategy. Whether the strategy and plan was developed internally by you or whether 3V helped define your plan, our tactical team will deploy all the components of that strategy for you..
  • Contact, Donor, and List Management
  • Outbound Marketing and Communications
  • List Growth Strategies
  • Donation System
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Payment Gateways
  • Workflow, Messaging, and Collaboration
  • Text-2-Give
  • Evaluating 3rd Parties & Benefits (i.e. Twilio, Amazon, etc.)
  • Add-Ons

We would appreciate an opportunity to learn more about your organization and your challenges and likewise I am confident you will appreciate an opportunity to talk shop with 3V. Click the link below and schedule a call, our initial calls are NOT SALESY at all, we do business on a relationship. To use a baseball and high school cliche, we strongly believe in making it to first base before second base, second base before third, and third base before swinging for home runs. We are here to help!