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What is Facebook Event Importer for WordPress? How Can This Plugin Help You?

Article Summary:

What is Facebook Event Importer Plugin for WordPress?

What are its advantages/disadvantages?

What are alternatives to Facebook Event Importer Plugin?


What is Facebook Event Importer Plugin for WordPress?

  • Facebook Event Importer Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that can be installed on your computer and linked to both your WordPress website and your Facebook account (in this case, likely a business account). The purpose of this tool is to make posting events on Facebook more efficient, in that it will upload the event information and link to both your website and Facebook page. It saves time and energy if you only have to post an event once. In having this plugin there is no longer a need to post an event on both your Facebook page and website; the plugin automatically uploads an event you create on Facebook to your website. There are two versions of this plugin, a free version and a paid version. We will discuss this further later on in the article, but note that we do recommend that you purchase the paid version ($19.99) as it is well worth the money and time you will be saving. Download for free or purchase here: http://wpfbevents.com/


What Are Its Advantages/Disadvantages?

  • Advantages:
    • The Facebook Event Importer plugin is great for business owners or website administrators on the go. If you’re on the go, there may not always be time to fully educate yourself on things like cross linking and cross referencing Facebook events to your website. This is where the Facebook Event Importer comes into play. The advantage of this plugin is that it saves a lot of time; specifically, you don’t have to learn a complex process or a new in-depth software and the plugin is quick to use. Saving time also means saving money. For only $19.99, you’re paying to be more efficient and in the long-run, you will quickly see how this plugin pays for itself (this is true if you upgrade to the paid version). Additionally, the paid version comes with templates that make your events organized and appealing to the eye. The paid version also comes with a summary page that will list all of your events so people can see events in the past, present and future.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Although there are several advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages to be aware of. The first being that the free version is likely not going to be adequate for your website. This is because the free version is not formatted, and it does not come with a summary page. Since it is not formatted, the information in the events you create will be disorganized on your website. Essentially, it will have an unattractive and unprofessional appearance. Additionally, without a summary page, potential customers or clients cannot see all events in the past, present and future. They can see events individually, but would have to do further research and clicking around to find events that are upcoming. People don’t want to do this; they will likely leave your website and potentially miss out on hearing about the great event that you are hosting. The paid version solves these problems; however, there is one minor disadvantage to the paid version. There is not calendar formatting for the events; instead, events are displayed in a list. Having a calendar format is more user-friendly and potential event participants can see on what day an event is and what its relation is to other events in that month.


Potential Alternatives to Facebook Event Importer:

  • Facebook Events Calendar: 
    • This plugin is very similar to Facebook Event Importer, but this is a calendar format. It’s the same prices as the full version of Facebook Event Importer, ~$20, but is instead formatted as a calendar. Essentially, this comes down to personal preference. If you would prefer to have a list of all of the events past, present and future, then Facebook Event Importer is for you. If you prefer a calendar, get this plugin instead. All events will be listed on Facebook Events Calendar and it is simple to use, like Facebook Event Importer. HOWEVER, there is one large advantage to Facebook Events Calendar over the importer. Facebook Events Calendar works on multiple Facebook accounts for the one calendar you produce. So for instance, you have events with another business, events from both pages can be on the calendar on your website. This can be a great way to have multiple business have events that complement each other and support each other. Specifically, this plugin can tie community businesses together online, in one calendar on a website. Purchase it here: http://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-events-calendar-wordpress-plugin/9855120
  • Custom Facebook Feed:
    • This is another free option for Facebook events being posted to a website. Unfortunately, it does not have a calendar format, but it does have a summary page with all as many events as you want listed. The advantage to this plugin is that it’s hugely customizable. There are an abundance of formatting options so that you can get the look that you want. Additionally, this plugin provides improvements to your website’s SEO because the feed is not embedded by a specific frame; it’s crawable. You can also control caching times, image text, image background and create a header with icons that relate to your website’s and Facebook’s feed. The ability to be creative and original is endless. Also, you can have multiple Facebook pages control the events displayed to your website. There is the chance to upgrade from the free version of this plugin so that there is more customization and features that will improve your website. The package you would be interested in costs $50, but it comes with more than just events being posted from your Facebook page on to your website. Learn more about the free version here (our recommendation): https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-facebook-feed/
Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
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