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Web Design & Web Development - 3V: Detroit, Michigan & Beyond

3V: Who are we and what we do?

Built in Detroit and Proud of it


3V Business Solutions is a metro Detroit based digital, marketing, creative and ad agency. We have built over 500 websites, over 400 WordPress websites, dozens of Magento sites and a smattering of other frameworks and solutions. Our focus is MARKETING and building websites that are a PROFIT centers! 3V best practices and standards are built based upon 30+ years of combined experience of working with digital, internet and web consumers, we understand audiences and how to acquire, engage and retain an audience.

3V: Who we are not, what we do not do?

We are not a "Big Box"

We do not compete with, nor want to compete with, the "free" website providers of the world, i.e. Wix, Web.com, etc (we strongly support those services and refer them frequently, but that simply is not our model). We try to avoid the conversation with potential customers that have a niece, nephew or friend who do freelance work. Our typical client is someone that understands and appreciates the benefits of digital marketing. Simply stated, we want to work with people who are serious about their brand and digital presence, if that is you what are you waiting for, press the "Contact Us" button below!

Our success is your ROI

3V: Verticals

A vertical market is a particular industry or group of enterprises in which similar products or services are developed and marketed using similar methods (and to whom goods and services can be sold). Broad examples of vertical markets are: insurance, real estate, banking, heavy manufacturing, retail, transportation, hospitals, and government. 3V has expertise in the verticals listed below, although we are always looking for new challenging opportunities and verticals to expand into:

Law Firm Web Design & Marketing

Retail Web Design & Marketing

Construction Web Design & Marketing

Manufacturing Web Design & Marketing

Healthcare Web Design & Marketing

Other Industries - We Will Help!

Reasons to Select 3V As Your

Your Web Design Partner

Why select 3V as your web design partner? Unlike most web designer companies, 3V maintains a team of talented designers, developers and digital marketers, each of which are specialists of their trade and contribute as a whole to award winning designs. We have the knowledge not only to build attractive websites, but also the experience and credentials to ensure that your sites is prepared to dominate the search engines and capable of generating quality leads and acquiring new customers.


Experienced #Geeks

20 years in web design, development and programming working for and with top Fortune 500's - Henkel, IBM, DuPont, Chrysler. We are masters at applying our acquired skills with small and medium sized businesses!


Beautiful Design

3V's award winning creative director learned her craft while studying at Maryland Institute College of Art! When working with Ginger, there are no templates no clip art adaptations, everything is custom crafted down to the pixel.


Powerful Organic Marketing

3V's marketing principal, Michael, works tirelessly at helping 3V client dominate the search engines. Working with 3V and Michael you will be assured that all current SEO best practices are applied, providing your business with the best chance at building your empire.

Detroit PPC adversiting, AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter

PPC and Programmatic Marketing

3V's marketing principle is also a certified AdWords specialist along with experience implementing profitable media buying in the search, display, remarketing and retargeting spaces. We work with all the current advertising technology (i.e. AdRoll, Rubicon, Facebook, etc.) to help our client build their brand and optimize their media buying.

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