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Brand Marketing 101 for Start Ups and Entrepreneurs

Branding and logo design for startups

Brand Marketing 101 for Start Ups and Entrepreneurs

Ask any entrepreneur and they’ll tell you that starting a business is no easy task. The thought of competing with the big and established companies can be overwhelming. In order to get a competitive advantage, you need to set yourself apart from the rest. This means building your brand and making sure it’s a force to be reckoned with. 


To help you do that, we’ll look at a few basic brand marketing strategies that you can implement. Hopefully in no time, your brand will stand out from the rest—in a good way.


Know Who You Are

Before you can even convince your target audience to buy into your business and the services it offers, you need to know who you are. The first mistake most startups make is trying to blend in with the existing brands. But the truth of the matter is that every business has a different story to tell.


So the first step is to figure out what’s unique about your brand and then build on that. How did you start your business? What were your struggles? From this information, you’ll be able to establish your branding style which includes:

  • Your vision, mission, and values
  • Target audience
  • Competitive advantage

Logo and Website

After establishing your startup with a brand identity, it’s time to design a logo that represents your company using information from your style guide. Your logo will appear on everything from your company website to your business cards, so make sure it represents your business well and appeals to your target audience.


After designing a memorable logo, you must launch a website to increase your digital presence. And studies have shown that businesses with websites are likely to generate twice as much revenue than those without.


Social Media Marketing

Still, on the subject of digital presence, you must familiarize yourself with all the modern marketing platforms. Forget billboards and printing flyers, social media is the fastest growing marketing medium and the place to be.  


As a startup, you’re not in a position to splurge your finances by investing in expensive marketing campaigns. Social media is the most cost-effective way to raise awareness for your business while reaching a sizeable audience. And all this happens instantly.


But make sure you’re strategic about it:

  • Create a captivating video to engage your target audience
  • Make sure your text is short, simple and catchy
  • Create content that adds value
  • Ensure that your content is authentic 


Search Engine Optimization

Usually, the first place a consumer goes to research about a company is by searching it online. And if you expect your business to appear right at the top of the search, it’s time to master search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, this concept requires constant changes, so you need to continuously learn and upgrade to keep up with the times. 


Final Thoughts 

To effectively compete with the top industry brands, you need to be aggressive with your marketing. That’s the only way your brand will be remembered by consumers when they require a service or a product. 


Make sure you’re the one they’ll contact.


Author bio

Bill Watson is a digital strategist whose passion is to promote startups and small businesses via online media. He loves creative tattoo designs, dogs and lots of coffee. Connect with him here. 



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