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Brand Management

3V Brand Management

Originally (way back in 2011) 3V Business Solutions was born as a Marketing and Web Development agency. After just a few years, we realized our (collective) highest and best use was not a jack of all trades marketing web design development but rather a more targeted and niched version of 3V, specifically as a solutions provider.

Ginger Giardina Lucy then began to carve out her own swim lane in the brand management space, with an emphasis on non-profits, NGO's, and 501c's and she opened 3V Designs, the design company that fuels 3V Business Solutions. Ultimately, the blend of creative skills and hands on system experience led her down the path of fundraising and brand management.

Currently, Ginger Lucy, owner of Metro-Detroit company 3V Designs, is a designer, developer and brand strategist. She is passionate about and works almost exclusively with non-profit organizations, including Children With Hair Loss, Second Chance at Life and the Bettie D. Gonzalez Foundation of Hope, with focus on marketing and systems that drive fundraising. Ginger often works on projects with small and midsize businesses and emerging entrepreneurs in branding and management of their online presence. With over 11 years of professional experience in the industry, her talents include branding, graphic design, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) web development, content writing, strategic planning and CRM funnel design.


Check out what's been designed, developed and deployed in Spring of 2023.