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October 2, 2017
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12 Creative ways to Use Facebook Messenger Chatfuel Chatbots

12 creative ways to use chatbots for business

Chatbots are the Rage

You likely landed here because something about the word Chatbot drew your attention. Whether you have stopped by because of curiosity, are a chatbot beginner or are a seasoned veteran, we can all agree that chatbots are all the rage in the tech world.

12 Creative ways to Deploy Facebook Messenger Chatfuel Chatbots

In a previous article we shared our recommendation for Facebook chatbot platform, Chatfuel. Many of the use cases in the list below can ONLY be accomplished in Chatfuel, further supporting our recommendation. Sometimes, one of the biggest challenges of getting started with a chatbot is determining what to build in your bot, look no further we have you covered with our list of 12 creative chatbot use cases.

Brand Building with Chatbots

This one is a no-brainer and all chatbot platforms, tools and services will accomplish brand building. Each tool will give you the ability to publish robust media, stories and content and present in an attractive and organized way.

Facebook Messenger list templates for brand building

Capture Leads with Chatbots

Once again, lead generation is not unique to Chatfuel. Some may argue (including me) that if the only purpose for your chatbot is lead generation, then ManyChat, Botsify or Surveybot are better choices for a chatbot platform. Lead capture in chatbots is accomplished via email, notification or integration with 3rd party CRM’s. Lead capture in a chatbot will capture user contact information and integrate (send) that information somewhere (email, newsletter or CRM).

Surveybot Facebook Messenger lead capture example

NOTE: Chatfuel does not have native integration with third party API’s which is why you may wish to use ManyChat, Botsify or Surveybot. Chatfuel does have integration capability, however it’s not native and you will have write code.

Get Subscribers with Chatbots

There are at least three ways to get new subscribers with chatbots. First of all, once a user opt’s in to a chatbot, they are essentially already a subscriber, a subscriber to your business page Messenger! These subscribers, once opted in,  can receive messages (or broadcasts) from you directly from your Facebook Messenger or on a schedule basis from your chatbot platform.

Chatfuel chatbot broadcast functionality

The other two ways are; 1) direct seamless third party integration with a newsletter subscription service (i.e. MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, etc.) and 2) provide a button that links the user to a subscription form on your website.

Segment Users with Chatbots

Most, if not all, chatbot platforms allow you to segment your users with user attributes or input fields. You can ask question or collect behavioral (i.e. what buttons they press and what screens they land on)ninformation about chatbot users. Segmenting is important when adding users to subscriber lists or sending broadcasts. Below is an example of how I place users in a segment that land in my trivia bot.

How to segment users in a Chatfuel chatbot.

Sell Products with  Chatbots (Chatfuel & ChattyPeople)

You can sell products with chatbots? YES YOU CAN!!! Facebook Messenger API developers (that would be me!) can create amazingly robust ecommerce functionality within bots however for users that will be using a chatbot service, we recommend Chatfuel or ChattyPeople. If your main purpose for a chatbot is ecommerce, we recommend ChattyPeople otherwise Chatfuel will serve the purpose.

Below is a screencapture of a bot we developed, a very successful bot at that. The bot sells coffee mugs for a radio celebrity using Chatfuel, checkout is seamless, easy and fast.

Chatfuel chatbot ecommerce example

Capture Leads from Facebook Live

This is one of my favorites AND from our experience one of the most effective and engaging (if done properly). Most, if not all, chatbot platforms allow you to capture users from comments on Facebook page posts. You can “hook” a chatbot to respond and engage with a user that leaves a comment. We have used this MANY times, one of our most successful use cases was to deliver recipes to Facebook Live viewers for a cooking show (we captured more than 50 subscribers in one cooking show!)

User chatfuel chatbot with Facebook live to capture subscribers.

Promote Events with Chatbots

You can promote events with chatbots AND/OR engage with an audience during an event. We have used a chatbot with great success to promote and increase attendance at a beach party for a yacht club. The combination of chatbots and paid Facebook Advertising increased attendance almost 7o% this year. Another example is for politics and campaigns. We deployed a bot during an event to capture subscribers and increase engagement with users at the event with a combination or a chatbot, live video and Facebook Paid Ads.

Chatfuel chatbots for event promotions.

Publish Trivia with Chatbots

You can deploy trivia chatbots, the more engaging the topic the more bigger the response. Chatfuel and surveybot are GREAT for building trivia chatbots. At the end of a trivia bot, you may do some additional brand building, subscriber capture or even some soft selling. Below is a trivia bot we currently have running for U-of-M / MSU #RivalryWeek (University of Michigan and Michigan State University trivia). Our trivia bot has been published organically for less than 24 hours and we have capture > 25 users organically (no paid ads). Below is screencapture of our trivia bot.

How to use chatbots for trivia

Publish Contests with Chatbots

Very similar to trivia, contests can be deployed as chatbots. You can ask for users to contribute content, photos, video or answer questions. After a contest is over, you can use the broadcast tool to announce the winner.

Deliver Calculators with Chatbots

Another one of my favorites! You can build financial calculators, engineering calculators (i.e. furnace & a/c sizing), mortgage calculators or anything you you can imagine. These are best developed, built and deployed with Chatfuel, mainly because of their API integration and ability to push/pull data with their API. Below is a screencapture from a simple mortgage calculator.

How to build a simple mortgage calculator with a chatfuel chatbot.

Build a Search or Content Engine with Chatbots

This is another one that I geek out about! This one requires some coding/progamming knowledge, but you can create a service (code files) on your webserver and serve dynamic data back to your users. You can code a search engine or provide any other searchable or processed data from your server. Below is an example of an ROI analysis chatbot we created that searches Zillow data and returns a home value assessment, estimated rent and estimated ROI.

Chatfuel chatbot zillow integration for Zestimates, rental estimates and ROI analysis

Build a Game with Chatbots

See for yourself, pull out your phone and open messenger. Select the discover tab on the bottom menu and search for games! Unfortunately I have no personal examples of games.

Chatfuel, Chatbots – 12 Use Cases Takeway


Chatbots are new, chatbots are evolving and users are just starting to become comfortable and trusting of chatbots. Chatbots are NOT going away, the technology will only improve and people will only become more engaged. If you are in the bot game or considering getting in the bot game, best of luck and the only way to succeed is to just DO IT. Once you achieve a comfort level with chatbots, the 12 use cases in this article just scratch the surface of the capabilities of bots, YOU ARE ONLY LIMIITED BY YOUR IMAGINATION.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope you found it useful. If you have anything to contribute or any questions, comments or concerns please do leave a comment.

Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy is an avid digital marketer with a deep-rooted passion for anything and everything involving technology. Michael has owned and operated 3V for nearly 8 years - AND - has now taken the knowledge and experience acquired over that period and has started an insurance and financial services brokerage (https://leavealegacynotdebt.com).

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