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October 11, 2015
October 12, 2015
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3V offers logo design services starting from $199. By choosing 3V as your logo design partner, you will work directly with our director, Ginger Giardina, not with an associate or an inexperienced designers. Ginger has designed and published thousands of logos and designs for clients over the years.

Our logo design process starts with preliminary design phase in which multiple versions and adaptations are offered. At this phase, Ginger will work with you to decide the best version, color palette and adaptation to refine. The next round of revisions will apply the selected options for version, palette and adaptation while Ginger continues to provide unlimited options until you are completely satisfied with your logo.

  • $40 per hour for additional design time
  • You own your design (shared through the 3V cloud)
  • Delivered in multiple formats (i.e. .png, .jpg, .ai, etc.)
  • Easily adaptable for print, apparel or promotional items
  • Delivery in as little as 3 days

We require a $199 deposit for retainer to start new logo designs. Some designs will require more time, in which case you may pay the balance later. Do not worry, Ginger and 3V will always keep you informed where you are in terms of budget and process. Please read below for more information on our process.

3V Print Shop - Our Process

While many print shops use boring templates, no two graphics are the same at the 3V boutique print shop. Our boutique services and process include professional custom and unparalleled customer service at low prices to ensure our customers receive the best quality and value possible. Upon checking out at our print store, 3V will immediately contact you via email and phone to discuss your order and provide the requested design and/or file preparation. All print and graphic design is stored and managed in our cloud for easy access. Our cloud will help you manage your designs and save valuable time and money on future orders!  Many design firms hold your files, requiring you to pay if you need them in the future.  With 3V, you always own and have access to your files.

Better Value than VistaPrint

For standard print products (i.e. business cards, flyers, postcards) in quantities equal to or greater than 1000, our prices beat VistaPrint. If you find any of our prices for quantities greater than 1000 to be more than VistaPrint, contact us and we will match VistaPrint pricing PLUS an additional 5%! What really sets us apart from the big box print companies is our design capabilities and the quality of designs. While the big box print shops force you to use graphics editors and pre-made templates, 3V works hand-in-hand with you to ensure the highest quality design.  With your vision and our expertise, we ensure you have one-of-a-kind graphics of the highest quality.  And as always, we work with you until you are completely satisfied with your design.  To get that level of customer service and custom design from VistaPrint, you would spend much more than their frequently advertised prices. Big box print companies like VistaPrint bank on brand recognition.  They will offer you small quantities of products like business cards at great prices because they know in the future, you will return and assume all of their prices are as reasonable.  This is not the case.  At 3V, you can rest assured our prices are always competitive.  You will receive the best custom graphics on the highest quality products all at budget-friendly prices.  Our standard isn't simply to offer you value, it's to offer you overwhelming value.
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