How To Use OBS For Facebook Live – Stream From Your PC

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June 14, 2016
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How To Use OBS For Facebook Live – Stream From Your PC

What is OBS?

  • OBS, Open Broadcaster Software, is an open source piece of software for live streaming and recording videos. It has capabilities to stream live to numerous social media sites including Facebook and YouTube. Best of all, this software is free and has capabilities to stream to a personal Facebook account or a business Facebook account. OBS is the software you would want to initially use for streaming live from a laptop or desktop computer. Ideally, you would download OBS for free before purchasing a similar software from a different brand. Don’t be surprised if you someday you feel that you “outgrew” OBS and are ready to purchase software that live streams from a computer with more capabilities and features. Let OBS be your introduction to live streaming from a device other than your cellphone. OBS is comparable to Live:Air Solo (refer to our article published on 6/14: How to Use Live:Air Solo for HD Facebook Live Streaming and Overlays), but instead of installing an app on your iPhone, like you would for Live:Air Solo, you will install OBS to your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Please note that OBS works on Windows, Linux and on Apple Software.

Who Can Use OBS? How Do I Use OBS?

    • Anyone interested in streaming from their computer can use OBS. This software is completely free, so there are zero barriers to entry. We recommend that beginners and intermediate users of live video streaming use this software as it is a great introduction to streaming from your computer to your personal or business Facebook account. If you are advanced in live video streaming, you may want to explore other options, although, other pieces of software similar to OBS are unlikely to be free of charge. To install and use OBS, please refer to our slideshow below. The slideshow will walk you through a step-by-step process of installation and use of the OBS software.


  • **Very important note: it is stated in the instructions to install the “Studio” version of OBS, but we want to reiterate the importance of installing “OBS Studio” here as well. The default setting on their website is to install the “Classic” version. This is not what you want; right next to “Classic” is the “Studio” option. Be sure to click “Studio” before installing.


Why Use OBS?

  • There are numerous advantages to using OBS. The first being that you can now stream live from a computer. If you are not interested in producing a live video from your phone and would rather use your computer, OBS allows you to do this. An advantage of using OBS and your computer is that you can show multiple sources on your live video. Specifically, that means you can have a video capturing you speaking, you have the option to screen-share your computer screen, you also have the ability to add an overlay to your screen and so much more. OBS is a great tool for learning how to live stream to Facebook Live or live onto YouTube as an introduction to growing as a live video producer since it does have the basic and essential features to producing a high-quality, professional live video from a laptop or desktop computer.
Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy
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