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The Story We Hear Everyday: “We are trying to figure out this Facebook ‘Boost Post’ advertising thing and find the perfect lead generation solution. I am spending a lot of money but not getting anything in return.”


Schedule a FREE consultation with 3V. Consultation Options:

  • One-on-One With an Insurance Agent
  • One-on-One With Your Manager
  • As a Group Session with Your Entire Staff

Our unique process, Facebook Micro Sales Funnels, is turning heads in the insurance world. CASE STUDY: Lademan Insurance in Wyandotte, MI$200 worth of ad spend over a 10 day period resulted in over $20,000 worth of new underwriting for the first 7 work says in 2016.

Our process, not yet 2 months old, is gaining the attention on local, regional and national levels. The process is based on 5 principles;

  • Dynamic hyper-targeted demographics
  • Low CPC rates (we swap out audiences when CPC reaches $1.00)
  • Original content
  • Engaging multimedia (LOTS of video)
  • Digital sales automation

It’s not trickery nor rocket science, many reputable coaches and lead generation agencies provide combinations of those 5 principles, but few (if any) deliver all 5 of these principles in high quality.

What’s the Catch? – No catch, our process is unique and we appreciate the opportunity to share it, 30 minutes of your time, 30 minutes of our time. We give you a roadmap for lead generation autonomy, you can take it and run with it OR if you love it (which you will) we can present options to manage it for you.

Our FREE consultation will empower your agents with the knowledge to transform Facebook ads into sales funnels and profit centers. Our presentation covers about 5% of the total marketing power that Facebook has to offer, despite being only 5%, I GUARANTEE this 5% will change the way you feel and go about publishing ads for your business. When we are done, you will have an appetite to learn the other 95%! Look at these images to see what is included in this 5%, the ability to target potential insurance clients based upon income, net worth and spending behavior (and anything else you can possibly think of).


PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR: If you are using “Boost Post”, you are likely targeting a largely unrefined demographic, perhaps a potential reach of 50,000 (or more). You might be paying $20 per day to reach 2,000-3,000 relatively untargeted consumers. What if we refined and distilled that potential reach to 1,000 people, the people you REALLY want to reach, then pay only $2-5 per day?

  • Save Money, Facebook ads outperform Mailing Lists
  • Save Money, Facebook ads outperform Direct Mail
  • Save Money, Facebook ads outperform Cold Calling
  • Save a LOT Money, Facebook ads outperform AdWords

5 Focal Points of our Consultation

Audience Brainstorming – A Q&A to probe the demographics and profile of YOUR typical insurance customers or clients. Are you thinking of marketing to a new audience? We can do that, this is the fun part of the consultation where we take a deep dive into your business strategy and help find direction for your ads.
Build a Facebook Audience – Facebook has the most accurate, reliable and current database in the history of mankind. Facebook also partners with 3rd partner data agencies, which extend their dataset to include; Number of credit cards, household income, net worth and much more! We build an audience based upon the audience brainstorming in step 1.
AD CREATIVE – This is CRITICAL, Facebook has many requirements and best practices for ads, such as image sizes and the famous 20% rule! CLICK HERE for the free 3V Facebook Ad Image Guide PDF. If you do not have the time or necessary skills for creating the high quality ad , 3V offers ad creative services for $8 – CLICK HERE for more info. CLICK HERE for info on the 20% rule and a tool to test your images for 20% rule compliancy.
AD COPY – Your ad headline and text is CRUCIAL, many people underestimate the importance of this. Make sure you dedicate enough time to draft the right headlines and copy, EVERY ADVERTISER, especially 3V, will advise you to “Split” or “A/B Test” your ads (which is fancy terms for running two different ads at the same time and monitoring/measuring performance). CLICK HERE to download the 3V Headline Swipe File.
PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER, PUBLISHING THE AD – Watch carefully as we publish our ad in the video! Pay special attention to “Pixels”, “Placements”, landing pages, retargeting, drip campaign, OH, and DO NOT forget to connect your Facebook to your Instagram (HUGE Benefit Here).

THE TAKEAWAY FROM THE 3V FACEBOOK ADS WEBINAR FOR INSURANCE AGENTS AND OFFICES: Facebook created the “Boost Post” feature using the assumption, “People will Press Boost Now Because it’s Easy”. The boost now feature is used by millions of people every day, at $20, $50 or $100+ a pop, Facebook is cashing in, BIG TIME. Gain a competitive advantage over other insurance agencies and agents that are using “Boost Post”. There is a whole world of opportunity out there for creative minds to leverage Facebook Ads, we have only scratched the surface. STOP PRESSING BOOST POST, NOW, empower your agency with the knowledge to spend your ad dollars with confidence that it will actually target, capture, engage and convert new clients!


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  • Agencies and Agents that are already advertising on Facebook
  • People who press the “Boost Now” button on Facebook
  • Agencies and Agents who are unhappy with their ad performance
  • This consultation is NOT for people without experience or a genuine desire to advertise on Facebook (we are NOT selling Facebook ads)


  • Knowledge how to define an insurance target audience (segment)
  • Knowledge to build an insurance custom audience (segment)
  • Advanced understanding of Facebook Ad Creative (graphics, images), specifically Facebook Insurance ad creative.
  • Advanced understanding of Facebook Ad Copy Writing, specifically Facebook Insurance ad copy.
  • #KnowledgeIsPower – The understanding how to create ads that reach people you want to reach with a message that puts clients on a path to finding, engaging and doing business with you!
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